How Do Hackers Monetize Stolen Data?

Hackers Monetize Stolen Data

Amidst the increasing malware and ransomware attacks, the question that comes to the mind is, how do hackers earn by stealing our data? The answer to the question is that they sell your personal and financial information to a vendor who then uses your personal information to file…

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Non-Financial Data That You Should Secure

Non-Financial Data

Credit card and Social Security Numbers aren’t the only confidential information that need to be protected. As more and more personal information is being stored online, cybercriminals can gain access to it and get a clearer picture of their victims. Whether the information is related to health, political…

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All About Fake Update Campaigns

As technology is progressing so are the cyber criminals. They are constantly developing new ways and tactics to steal user’s data. Lately, a malicious malware campaign has been revealed by security researchers where attackers use legitimate but compromised sites to convince users into downloading fake updates that will…

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