Top 10 Antivirus For Windows

Top 10 Antivirus

Every system should have some sort of security software that will help them fight malicious infections and intrusions. When searching for the good security software we keep in mind about different features that they will offer. With that in mind, we have listed some of the best antivirus…

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List Of Prominent Scams Around The Globe


Scammers are everywhere and on every digital platform imaginable. They are developing new techniques for scamming innocent victims. They steal victim’s money and other personal details which can be used for other frauds. There are many scams available, however we have listed only those which are prominent and…

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APT Slingshot Infection on The Roll Through Routers


Recently at Security Analyst Summit renowned antivirus developer Kaspersky Lab found a cyber espionage threat malware called “Slingshot” that spies on user’s systems through routers. Security Researchers at Kaspersky labs have discovered sophisticated spying-oriented malware that attack PCs through network routers. Nickname Slingshot, the malware forces a router…

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