Author: Antimalware Team

How to Stay Protected Online

stay safe online

We live in a connected world, where our valuable, confidential and private things are guarded by a password. Till the time no one has access to it our data is protected online, and it remains locked. But with the increasing number of online attacks, no one knows until…

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How Apps Leak Your Personal Data

Apps Leak Your Personal Data

Although most people blame mobile devices for all the data related insecurities, but it’s actually the deceptive apps that do the most damage. Over the years several susceptibilities have been discovered in mobile apps. But the most recent discovery is shocking. At first it looked, like a case…

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Useful Tips To Secure Your NAS


Network Attached Storage or NAS is undoubtedly one of the most preferred modes of storage currently. Not only businesses, but home users as well seem to prefer NAS over external hard drives to store their data. So, when NAS are such integral devices for home and office network…

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