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How Hackers Work and How to Protect Yourself?

how to protect your computer from hackers

Computer threats are generally created by computer predators (hackers) whose aim is to persecute others for their personal gain. Once a perpetrator gets access to victim’s PC, he or she installs a malicious code on the user’s system to collect personal information. Hence, stealing, altering, destroying personal information.…

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How To Eliminate InvisiMole Spyware?

InvisiMole spyware

InvisiMole is a complex yet sophisticated spyware that contains tons of capabilities such as recording audios, videos and capture photos from your device after infecting it. It is designed to steal the data of your affected computer. InvisiMole spyware is an advanced cyber-espionage tool that uses advanced modus…

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How To Protect Android From Malware


It is still a prominent myth that malware infections are limited to computers only. RottenSys Malware, KevDroid, RedDrop, Skygofree are some of the common examples of Android Malware. Now since the world is shrinking to hand-held devices that are used for all most everything i.e. from sending a…

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