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How To Deal With Tech Support Scams?

How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Tech Support Scams

The phone rings! It claims to be a technical support specialist from Microsoft. Even your ‘Caller ID’ confirms it to be a tech support number. They’ve identified a serious issue on your system. In fact, a dangerous virus, which needs an immediate action. Being a leading software company,…

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How To Remove Registry Malware?

How To Remove Registry Malware

Registry is one of the most sensitive part of a Windows computer that takes care of every operation that occurs. A minor change may result in computer malfunctioning. This is the reason why experts suggest not to play along with registries. However, there are times, when you encounter…

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How To Invest In Security Smartly?

Invest In Security Smartly

Technology is spreading its wings each day by leaps and bounds, so are the security risks. Due to the fear of getting victimized, organizations are spending a lot of money and resources on security solutions. The expenditure of money on such security solutions is usually done without facts…

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