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How to Spot a Phishing Email?

How to identify phishing emails

Phishing is not a new sensation, as cyber hackers are using it since mid-1990s to gain access to confidential information. And with time phishing attacks are becoming complex and hard to detect. Cyber criminals are using deceptive tactics, emails, and websites to trick users into downloading infected attachments,…

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How To Spot Fake Videos On The Internet


With recent developments in emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence-based Image Synthesis has bestowed machines with powerful capabilities to create photos and videos of real world and with precision that would have appeared impossible few years back. While the amazing uses of this technology have just started to explode,…

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How Safe Is Your Customer Information?

customer data safety

Managing a database is a big task that requires ample of manpower, resources and technology. However, if you’re maintaining a confidential database then you require one more thing called security. There have been cases where big organizations have lost their customer’s information to hackers, competitors and cybercriminals. Now…

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