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APT Slingshot Infection on The Roll Through Routers


Recently at Security Analyst Summit renowned antivirus developer Kaspersky Lab found a cyber espionage threat malware called “Slingshot” that spies on user’s systems through routers. Security Researchers at Kaspersky labs have discovered sophisticated spying-oriented malware that attack PCs through network routers. Nickname Slingshot, the malware forces a router…

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Hide and Seek: New Botnet Threat

hide and seek new iot botnet

Internet of Things refers to devices connected to Internet; it can be your fridge, car, smartwatch or any other object. As is visible around us, it is growing at a rapid rate and is expected to outnumber world’s population in no time, making it more prone to attacks.…

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WannaMine: A New Threat on Rise

all about wanna mine

As sophistication of attacks continues to grow, mentioning them as a catalyst to booming business won’t be a hyperbole. Eternal Blue the security exploit created by NSA and leaked by hackers last year is now being used to mine cryptocurrency. Last year it was used to unleash the…

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Top 10 Malware Myths and Facts

common malware myths

We are always surrounded by modern technology, it is changing the way we use to do things. More and more devices are getting connected and instigating risk to personal data. Just a few decades ago computer virus were considered to be a real threat. But over the years…

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TROJANS Classified on basis of their function

classification of trojan

Trojan is a malicious program which disguises itself as a legitimate program. They are programmed to perform different malicious functions on the victim’s system. There are different types of trojans available online, which are classified according to the attack they perform. While there are many Trojans, here we…

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