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Top 10 Antivirus For Windows

Top 10 Antivirus

Every system should have some sort of security software that will help them fight malicious infections and intrusions. When searching for the best virus protection for Windows we keep in mind about different features that they will offer. With that in mind, we have listed some of the…

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How To Remove PUP From Mac

We all love Mac OS for its security features, but do you know that Mac OS is susceptible to potentially unwanted programs (PUP)? These programs display advertisements, generate web traffic and collect user’s data for skeptical sites. Therefore, they are dangerous and should be removed from your mac.…

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Mac Malware: A Brief History


Mac malware has grown immensely past 2 decades. With the passing years, it has become more dangerous and sophisticated. For years now, there have been debates on the most secure operating system? There’s no concrete answer to it, as both Windows and Mac systems are vulnerable to malware…

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