Category: Malware

Safari: Where Do Extensions Go?

With the latest update for Safari 12, some changes are introduced changing the way OS X manages browser add-ons.  This year at Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple advertised that Safari would block all legacy add-ons (extensions) installed from third party websites. Instead of other sources, Safari relies on “App…

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Spyware: How Do They Invade Your Systems?

At present, advanced technology majority of the individuals are dependent upon the computer for almost everything, be it reservation, education, shopping or even banking.   Working over PC sometimes disturbs you and make you irate because of the unwanted pop-up advertisements emerging on your computer’s screen. The activities…

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Malware: Too Sassy For Cybersecurity!

Malware developers generally write programs for technologies that are widely used. They have always practiced methods on bigger scale to attract more victims. They design traps that ask users to open emails and access attachments. Malware terminology has evolved from basic Trojans, virus and spywares to Crimeware, krugueware…

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GhostDNS: The New Malware in Town


More than 100k devices were compromised in South America following a hijacking campaign. The attack targeted home routers and directly redirected Brazilian e-banking users to phishing web pages. The GhostDNS malware used in this attack has been named as GhostDNS that comes with limited history. The major targets…

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