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Malware: Too Sassy For Cybersecurity!

Malware developers generally write programs for technologies that are widely used. They have always practiced methods on bigger scale to attract more victims. They design traps that ask users to open emails and access attachments. Malware terminology has evolved from basic Trojans, virus and spywares to Crimeware, krugueware…

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GhostDNS: The New Malware in Town


More than 100k devices were compromised in South America following a hijacking campaign. The attack targeted home routers and directly redirected Brazilian e-banking users to phishing web pages. The GhostDNS malware used in this attack has been named as GhostDNS that comes with limited history. The major targets…

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An Insight to Crimeware: A Financial Threat

An Insight to Crimeware

Crimeware is a malware which is used to steal user’s accounts and other financial information.  This malware is little different from spyware and adware. This malware will steal all the information necessary for a financial transaction and will complete the financial transactions which will benefit the thief or…

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