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Best Secure and Private Web Browsers

Most secure browser 2018

In this digital era, where nothing is secure, shielding your online activity is becoming essential. After Cambridge Analytica scandal everyone including the average user has become more aware about their online privacy. And they are looking for ways to secure their online activity and data from being hacked.…

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New Modular tRAT In Email Campaigns

New Modular tRAT

Now that digital world is rapidly growing, it’s becoming more difficult to escape from multiple cyber threats that are dangerous and can exploit any type of data. These threats have a taken a leap forward and are affecting day-to-day life of many cyber security experts and of course…

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Know About the Best Alternatives of HIBP

data breach

In June 2018, Mozilla and HIBP developer Troy Hunt officially declared their collaboration for incorporating massive HIBP database into Firefox. The result of their partnership has been officially labelled as Firefox Monitor, an internet-based tool that informs users about their email address being hacked or exposed in dark…

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