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How To Take Back Your Hacked System

Hacked System

Internet is a place full of hackers, spammers and malware. Anyone who is browsing internet can be a victim of these online scams and end up losing vital information that can cause both financial and personal damage. Most experts advise getting good security in place, such as anti-virus…

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Block Intrusive ads with Chrome 65

Chrome 65

Google has finally released stable version of Chrome 65 for all four platforms Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The new version comes with enhanced security features, much-awaited ad blocker, change to Incognito along with some new features for developers. Chrome 65 announces 45 security fixes most of them…

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The Lesser Known Data Breaches

Lesser Known Data Breaches

Data Breach is a grave issue of concern, no company is safe from being attacked. US is one of the preferred targets but it doesn’t undermine the fact that other countries are also prone to be attacked. After US, UK ranks second and so on. In this article…

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