Latest Scams to Watch Out for!

Latest Scams to Watch Out for!

Despite of all the efforts made by security researchers and others to deal with threats, there seems to be no end to attacks. Hackers are adopting new and more advanced ways to scam users. Cyber-attacks are persistent and there seems to be no way to put an end to them, at least not in near future. Some scams are easy to detect but that doesn’t mean you are safe. Any and every one irrespective of age, gender or geographical location can be scammed. Therefore, one needs to always keep themselves updated about the latest technique adopted by scammers to trick them.

In this article we will try to explain some of the latest scams.


It is the latest form of attack developed by attackers to target mobile phone users. What the hackers do is they trick the user into downloading a Trojan horse, virus or other malware onto his smartphone via SMS.

SMiShing is abbreviation for “SMS phishing”.

Hackers send a message to users stating there’s a problem with the bank account. If user responds to such message, scammer gets to know he has got a genuine contact number and then he starts using all the tactics to get more personal information of the user to hack into his account.


Most of the times we hear and read warning where security researchers and experts warn users about fake emails and malicious photos. But we take all these warnings lightly due to which we fall victim to such hacks. Nowadays hackers have adopted some new tricks. They send an email with a scanned copy of a check where they mention that the receiver has won a lottery. But to claim the prize he needs to share the information. Often the user  shares the information as the picture he receives on mail makes him believe that what the sender is saying is genuine. But in reality, it is all a scam.

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It is a more sophisticated and advanced way discovered by hackers to steal your card information from Point of Sale (POS) terminal.

Shimmer is a thin card-sized device that is used to collect Credit and Debit card information.

Generally, chip based cards are on target as they are now used mostly.

Tech-support Fraud

It is not something new but the tactics used these days are new. Sometime or the other we all face problem with our PC – it freezes suddenly or displays pop up messages that annoy us. When we want to fix them, a small message with a phone number appears, mentioning they can help to fix the problem. What user does is he calls on the number in hope of getting the issue fixed, without realizing he is falling for a trap.

This scam is referred to as class of telephone fraud where scammer claims to be legitimate technical support, but in reality, he is scammer. It is a form of online scam that is gaining popularity and is on the rise. The scammer uses social engineering and anxiety strategies to trick the user and make money. If you fall prey to any of these tactics you should handle them intelligently. If you receive any tech call and they ask you to pay for a plan to get the things fixed, don’t share your card number with them. Tech support scams are rapidly increasing and one small error made by us can make us pay a huge amount. Therefore, being cautious is the best way to stay secure from such attacks.

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We hope you found this article helpful and it will help you to stay safe from such scams.