The Lesser Known Data Breaches

Lesser Known Data Breaches

Data Breach is a grave issue of concern, no company is safe from being attacked. US is one of the preferred targets but it doesn’t undermine the fact that other countries are also prone to be attacked. After US, UK ranks second and so on. In this article…

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Insight Into Fileless Malware

Fileless Malware

What Is It? It is the type of malware which does not reside in Hard Disk. It does not store any files on the secondary memory. It is usually attached with native Windows program so that it cannot be detected easily. They usually attack Windows tools which makes…

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Be Aware of Annabelle Ransomware

Annabelle Ransomware

Seemingly scarier than the movie itself, a new ransomware named Annabelle has surfaced, that does what a ransomware does best. Hijack people’s computer to demand a huge ransom in exchange for their data. If you ask us, this situation is no less than demonic possession as ransomware will…

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