Cyber Threats to Fear in 2018

Cyber Threats to Fear About in 2018

We should never underestimate hackers, as like technology they are also smarter each passing day. The more secure you are making your machines, hackers are evolving more ways to target them by refining their tools.  Here we list some of the substantial threats to look out for this…

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How to Stay Protected From Scams

stay protected from scam

Scam is performed by an individual person or a group of people or a fraud company to trick a person in giving money and other important information. Scammers represent themselves as legitimate entity and then they try to trick you in their fraudulent schemes. Who Runs the Scam?…

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A Brief Introduction To Hacking

about hacking

Computer Hacking is a way of modifying behavior of a computer and the systems that are connected to it. Hacking is generally done to perform different actions on a system that it is not supposed to do. Hacking is done using codes and programs and the person that…

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TROJANS Classified on basis of their function

classification of trojan

Trojan is a malicious program which disguises itself as a legitimate program. They are programmed to perform different malicious functions on the victim’s system. There are different types of trojans available online, which are classified according to the attack they perform. While there are many Trojans, here we…

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How to Avoid Data Breach

how to avoid data breachs

The most important question both businesses and individuals have today, is how to keep their data safe? As data breach is becoming rampant, avoiding it is not easy. But with technological advancement there is nothing to worry as there is a solution for every problem. Now, it’s up…

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