WannaCry: Are Apple Devices Safe?

WannaCry Are Apple Devices Safe

We all have heard about WannaCry ransomware and its adverse effects on many organizations running Windows machines. It is known to be the largest cyberattack that brought down thousands of multinational organizations . Users were locked out of their data and to get back the access ransom was…

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All About Malvertising

Cyber-attacks have become an everyday news in today’s times. With each passing day, hackers are becoming smarter and working out new ways to target our machines. Malvertising a relatively recent term driving the tech headlines has left most of wondering what it is all about? How it works…

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How To Remove PUP From Mac

We all love Mac OS for its security features, but do you know that Mac OS is susceptible to potentially unwanted programs (PUP)? These programs display advertisements, generate web traffic and collect user’s data for skeptical sites. Therefore, they are dangerous and should be removed from your mac.…

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Type of Mac Malware

guide to mac malware

Most of the Mac users refuse to believe malware exists for Mac. Of Course, they are far and few, but they aren’t non-existent. Which makes it important for Mac users to take precautions to protect their system. The first step towards that, would be to have a good…

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Protect Your Mac In 7 Ways

safeguard mac

Worried about Mac security, want to protect it from emerging ransomware attacks? If yes, follow these simple tips to add a protective shield to your Mac. Malware is like an anomaly for Apple users for them their OS is impervious to virus attacks. For long Mac security has…

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