Sniffer: Safeguard Your System From It!

what is a sniffe

A sniffer is a program which monitors and analyses network. It detects problems in the network. All the information will then be used by network administrator to efficiently run a network. This program is used by the network administrator to monitor and analyse network activity. However, sniffer can…

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All About Spider Ransomware

all about spider ransomware

Last year we witnessed many ransomware attacks targeting our devices in new and improved ways. With the beginning to new year it looks like this year, the attacks will only amplify in number as wells as impact. There is no stop to stop ransomware attacks, they are on…

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Prevent yourself from Cyberbullying

Prevent yourself from Cyber bullying

Sadly, bullying is more common than we think. More often than not you will find a  bunch of people who gain happiness by causing harm, mental and physical humiliation. It is more prevalent among teenagers.Unfortunately, bullying has now extended to digital space as life. A Cyberbully sends threatening…

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