FruitFly: An Inside Story

What is FruitFly,

Mac Malware outbreaks in last couple years confirms they are no longer a rarity. Mac aiming threats are on rise and with this we are living on the edge. A new prevailing strain of Mac malware has hit the scene dubbed FruitFly. Being undiscovered for at least five…

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An Insight into Grayware

To start with, don’t confuse grayware with ancient Greek pottery! We are talking about Grayware, one of the most prevalent threat to internet security, which most of us are not aware about. We have heard about phishing attacks, viruses, adware, malware, spyware but what is grayware?  Why is…

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What’s More Secure: Windows or Mac?

What's More Secure Windows or Mac

The burning question regarding what operating system is more vulnerable to cyberattacks has been asked for years and yet there is no clear-cut answer to whether it’s Windows or Mac. Although there is a general belief that Mac systems are far more impervious to Malware than Windows. However,…

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WannaCry: Are Apple Devices Safe?

WannaCry Are Apple Devices Safe

We all have heard about WannaCry ransomware and its adverse effects on many organizations running Windows machines. It is known to be the largest cyberattack that brought down thousands of multinational organizations . Users were locked out of their data and to get back the access ransom was…

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