What are Different Types of Cyber Security?

Different Types of Cyber Security

With a lot happening in the online world computer security has become of utmost importance. Both individuals and businesses need to secure their data from loss and intervention. Cyber criminals are hovering over web security world to disrupt and spread malice. What is Computer Security? Computer security as…

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What Is SMiShing? Have You Been A Victim?

What Is SMiShing

It’s been confirmed, that in our networking world, no digital domain or communication is sacred anymore. Despite being vigilant to email phishing scams, compromised Wi-Fi connections, and other malware infections & viruses, Text Messages should also be treated as conjecture. All thanks to SMiShing! What Actually is SMiShing?…

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What Does The Future Hold For Anti-Malware?

what is the future of anti malware

The international anti-malware industry works on the foundation of modernization and innovation. Retailers are facing difficulties of continuously bringing progressive solutions to safeguard personal as well as corporate systems against the malicious and spiteful tools. As the anti-malware programs are substitutable which proves that anti-virus tools can be…

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All About Rotexy Trojan

Mobile Malware Rotexy, which a hybrid of a ransomware blocker and banking trojan is expanding its limbs. In August and September, some of the specialists recorded over 40,000 trials to embed this malicious app on Android smartphones. Though some of the technical information and other details are known…

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